Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Vintage Striped Skirt, Vintage Sailboat Skirt, J. Crew Floral Skirt

I finally unpacked my Spring clothes and was pleasantly surprised to discover some hidden gems that I completely forgot I owned! It was like getting a whole new wardrobe without having to cough up the dough. Hopefully it will help me curb my shopping appetite for a few weeks. We'll see!

PS - Everything pictured is from last season and all vintage is from Retrospect.

 Forever 21 Floral Blouse, Topshop Peter Pan Collar Blouse

 J. Crew Striped Dress, Forever 21 Floral Dress, Kimchi Blue Striped Dress

Forever 21 Floral Romper, Vintage Striped Dress, Forever 21 Floral Dress

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  1. You have such a lively wardrobe, love it!

    xo xo,