Friday, April 6, 2012

Top Three

 In love with my new Easter dress from Forever 21.

This week started off with a very exciting Sunday night: pasta and meatballs at Paul's Aunt Anita's, then the season premiere of Game of Thrones! Both did not disappoint. We also did some more shopping for the new house this week, picking up some essentials from Ikea as well as some not-so-essentials from Anthropologie. Even though we don't necessarily need beautiful floral plates, I just couldn't resist! Especially since they were on sale for $7.95 a piece. On Wednesday we started packing up our apartment to make our move less stressful. Hopefully this whole planning ahead thing is effective!

Fulfilled my craving for a burger and fries at Five Guys.

Beautiful new dishes from Anthropologie.

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  1. Yeah I am watching the Game of the Throne too... they awesome love the series! My favorite is the mother of the dragon LOL.
    BTW that is beautiful dress for the price and
    Good luck for the new place how exciting ...!