Friday, November 4, 2011

Top Three

 Hot Indian Cinnamon and Appollonia donuts from Federal Donuts

I have to admit that I didn't stay true to the promise I made last week (that I wouldn't buy myself anything until after the holidays). We went to Cherry Hill Mall with the intention of starting our Christmas shopping, but the sale at Urban Outfitters was impossible to resist. I got a floral maxidress that was originally priced at $68 for just $10! It isn't exactly season appropriate, but I'm trying to figure out a way to winterize it. Then I found some necessary basics from Forever 21: a cozy caramel boyfriend sweater, and a long sleeved off-white lace tee. Next week I swear I'll start my Christmas shopping! 

After a long day of shopping we decided to check out the grand opening of Bobby's Burger Palace for dinner. We got the L.A. burger, the Miami Burger, and a dark chocolate milkshake--delish! Paul and I were discussing whether or not Bobby Flay ever makes an appearance at one of his namesake restaurants when I looked up and saw Mr. Flay in the flesh (wearing a J. Crew flannel, Paul immediately noticed)! Paul (embarrassingly) gave him the thumbs up and said "Great burger, Chef!" Bobby Flay saluted him in thanks. Just another day at the Cherry Hill Mall. 

 Some recent purchases.
{Staring at Stars Dress, Forever 21 Sweater, Forever 21 Top}

The L.A. Burger from Bobby's Burger Palace 
{image courtesy Bobby's Burger Palace}

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