Friday, November 18, 2011

Top Three

 A cozy new sweater from Forever 21 paired with my Mom-Mom's pendant necklace

We really put a dent in our Christmas shopping this week. Between online sales and trips to three malls (Christiana, Franklin Mills, and Cherry Hill) how could we not? I want to post photos of some of our finds, but just in case our gift recipients are reading this I'll have to wait until after they're opened. Let's just say our families will be getting spoiled this year. Next week we'll take a break from the shopping to relax and celebrate my second favorite holiday, Thanksgiving!

The J. Crew Holiday Catalog...I want it all!

My new favorite show: Once Upon a Time
{image courtesy HitFix}

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  1. I love "Once upon a time", perfect for the child in me :).