Monday, December 12, 2011

Hot Pink Cardigan Remix

From top left: Forever 21 Cardigan, Ecote Dress, H&M Skirt, J. Crew Blouse, Levi's Jeans, J. Crew Chambray Shirt, H&M Romper, H&M Polka Dot Blouse, Sparkle and Fade Skirt, Forever 21 Scarf, Forever 21 Top

I saw this cardigan at Forever 21 yesterday and immediately wanted it. But as I was nearing the checkout, I became unsure as to whether it was a versatile color to have in my closet. It was on sale for $12 so I bought it anyway. Once I got home I was relieved to find that it actually pairs well with most items in my closet and adds a nice pop of color to simple basics.

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