Thursday, December 1, 2011

Planning Ahead

Thursday: Forever 21 Top, Forever 21 Skirt, Forever 21 Belt
Friday: Forever 21 Dress, H&M Belt

Saturday: Forever 21 Top, BDG Jeans, Forever 21 Necklace
Sunday: Forever 21 Top, Levi's Jeans, Urban Outfitters Scarf

I work Thursday through Sunday, so every Wednesday night I pick out four outfits to get me through my workweek. I started doing this last year, and it has literally cut the time I take to get ready in half. Before, I would try on everything in my closet and then throw it all on the ground. Needless to say, I was usually late for work and my room was constantly messy. Now I just grab one of my pre-picked outfits, make sure that it's weather appropriate by adding tights and/or a cardigan, and go. I highly recommend this strategy to anyone who has trouble figuring out what to wear in the morning.

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