Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rain Gear

J. Crew Peacoat, Thrifted Sweater, BDG Jeans, Hunter Rainboots, Forever 21 Scarf, J. Crew Umbrella, J. Crew Brompton Bag, Forever 21 and J. Crew Bracelets, Michael Kors Watch

I often use rainy days as an excuse to sleep in extra late and watch bad TV, but after receiving this J. Crew umbrella for Christmas, I had good reason to get out of bed and show it off. When you have a cute umbrella and a nice pair of wellies, it's much easier to take on a rainy day. And when you find a scarf that matches both, buy it immediately!


  1. That's a really beautiful umbrella :) . I wish I had a nice one, but all my umbrellas are really boring :(

    Sara from http://diaryofamoderndaylady.blogspot.com/

  2. I am totally and completely mad about your bracellets, especially about the spikes one, so edgy! Love it!

    xo xo,

  3. I hate the rain too! But I love the color play that you have going on there!