Thursday, January 12, 2012


The story behind this dress is long and probably boring to most, but I'm going to tell it anyway. I first saw it in the August 2011 J. Crew catalog and was instantly smitten. The print, the style, the fabric, the COLORS! It was my dream dress. But alas, at $395 I couldn't justify such a purchase. So I stalked it daily, hoping that eventually it would go on sale. Unfortunately it went on sale in October when I was on vacation...the one week that I wasn't constantly attached to my Macbook. By the time I got home and logged on to the J. Crew website it was sold out. I continued to hold out hope that it would be restocked and a few weeks later, to my pleasant surprise, it was! I purchased it immediately but received an email the next day stating that there had been a mistake and the dress was actually sold out. So I gave up the hope of ever owning such a beautiful dress. On Christmas morning Paul handed me a present and claimed that what was inside might surprise me. I opened it and there in my hands was my dream dress! Paul had found it in my size on Ebay and bid on it until he won. And that is the story of Bonnie and the J. Crew Maisie dress in Waterfloral. I am one lucky lady.

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