Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sweater Girl

Forever 21 Cardigan (worn backwards), American Apparel Skirt, Vintage Pin (worn as necklace), Steve Madden Booties, Karen Walker Deep Freeze Sunglasses, Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch, Forever 21 and J. Crew Bracelets

Things aren't exactly what they seem in this post. What looks like a crewneck sweater is actually a cardigan worn backwards. And what looks like a necklace is actually a pin with a chain attached. Genius, aren't I? It feels like I have a whole new wardrobe now that I've discovered how easily my cardigans can do double duty! I'm not quite sure what was behind this epiphany, it just hit me like a tons of bricks one day. The pin trick, on the other hand, has been an old standby for years. I hope that in sharing these secrets I've opened up a world of possibilities for you. (But if this entire post is old news, don't burst my bubble!)


  1. I love the sweater! I know you taught me this trick :)

  2. Great outfit! I adore your sunnies =)

  3. Bella: You should try this with the fuchsia cardigan I got you for Christmas!

    and Shanna: Thanks! I used to be a Ray-Ban girl but now I can't stop wearing these!

  4. Haha! I do the reverse cardigan trick all the time! I love it!